• Crêperie from Brittany and bistro

    Like a short trip to Brittany

  • Crêperie from Brittany and bistro

    Quality and tradition

  • Crêperie from Brittany and bistro

    Discover breton specialties

  • Crêperie from Brittany and bistro

    Bon appétit and Yec’hed mat!

The story of Erminig

According to legend, while walking out one winters day, Anne, the Duchess of Brittany happened to observe hunters taking after a stoat (in Breton - Erminig). When the hunting party caught up with the animal near a river, the stoat behaved in complete contradiction of its nature: rather than crossing through the muddy river to save itself (thereby soiling its beautiful white fur), the stoat chose instead to face the hunters and certain death! Fascinated by this display from the stoat, Anne ordered the hunters to let the animal live. From the stoat’s noble display came the adage of Brittany ‘Rather death than becoming stained’.
This motto reflects the Breton character: honest, uncompromising and authentic.

As a Breton, I hope to share these values with you through our cuisine. Which is composed of fresh traditional quality ingredients, sourced primarily from organic producers (Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-006).
Enjoy your culinary journey through Brittany.
Bon appétit and Yec’hed mat !

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Bistro Erminig, Mutter-Ey Strasse 5, 40213 Düsseldorf
(in front of Neustrasse 10)
+49 211 56 94 083-0

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